Creative Dundee

Art Class: Scared of Paper

Are you wanting to try drawing but have always been too nervous to try it out? Artist Jen Robson is offering a supportive, nurturing and encouraging environment covering a wide range of art materials and techniques to help you fall in love with making art!

The classes will happen in 5 week blocks starting January 31st, at Wasps Studios. Must book in advance. 

Each week you will work on a variety of exercises and techniques with different mixed media to help build your confidence. You will spend half the lesson being shown how to draw using traditional skills such as line drawing, light, tone and texture work and other visual techniques that will help you get to grips with the fundamentals of drawing. The other half of each lesson you will be guided and encouraged to embrace your own style through drawing to music (inspired by art therapy). There will be opportunities to reflect and discuss your work with other students in a supportive atmosphere, within a small class, and with one-to-one tutor attention.

This class is suitable for anyone with an interest in making art. Both beginners and professionals can benefit from the artist’s knowledge and experience as a practising artist of over 10 years. This class includes a tour of the artist’s studio offering insight into and discussion of her own drawing practice.



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