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Beginner Ceramics with Steph Liddle

Over the month of February, Steph Liddle will be running weekly ceramics courses at Meadow Mill. The courses cover different aspect of making ceramics and can be attended as a series or just a one-off, depending on your personal interest.

The classes are perfect if you want to get started in ceramics or just have a bit of a taster and see if this is for you. Be sure to check out Steph’s work on her website, Instagram and Facebook.

Have a look below for a description of each week.

Week One: TILE

Starting with TILE, you’ll learn how to make 2D tiles and coasters, and how to decorate them using decorating slips and surface decoration techniques, before moving onto 3D creations in PINCH, SLAB, and COIL.


Week Two: PINCH

Starting with ball of clay, in PINCH you’ll learn how to poke and prod and pinch a lump of dirt until, as if by magic, you have something useable. Over the course of the class you’ll have plenty of time to make a few small pinch pots which can be used as dipping bowls, for storing jewellery, or even as a tea bowl.


Week Three: SLAB

Rolling pins at the ready! In SLAB you’ll learn how to roll out slabs of clay which we’ll then transform from 2D sheets into 3D wonders. Over the course of the class you’ll learn how to roll out and cut even slabs of clay, before joining them together to create a pot which can be decorated using coloured slips and surface deoration techniques.


Week Four: COIL

COIL fully embraces the satisfying repetition of a slightly monotonous task. We’ll start by rolling out oodles of noodle shaped coils before stacking them up to create bowls, pots, and mugs. Over the course of the class you’ll have plenty of time to make a number of small objects, or focus your attention on making one item.


These classes can be attended as one-off classes or as a block of 4 classes. Each class is £30.00 per week, or £100.00 for a 4 week bundle. This includes all tuition time, materials and firing/post-production costs. After the class your work will be fired and glazed by Steph, ready to collect or be posted out to you in a few weeks time. Email Steph if you’d like to book into all 4 classes for the reduced price.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from an excellent Dundee-based maker! And while you’re here, check out our interview with Steph…


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