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From the Archives: The Creative Dundee Podcast

As we celebrate 10 years of Creative Dundee, we’ve been looking back at the different projects that have been developed over the last 10 years and one of them stood out. Back in 2008 Creative Dundee had its very own podcast!

Hosted by Chris Smith, it presented interviews with creative practitioners from different in different cultural spaces in the city. Listening back to the conversations, they are a valuable resource for a 2018 audience as a bit of a frozen look at a Dundee from ten years ago, before quite a bit changed in its cultural life.

Two fascinating interviews that stand out are with Alice Black, Head of Cinema at the DCA, and Clive Gillman, currently the Director of Creative Industries at Creative Scotland but back then the director of the DCA. Other episodes include Nethergate Writers, City of Discovery and more… You can just search for it on our site!

We no longer have a podcast, but nowadays Ryan McLeod has filled that gap wonderfully with Creative Chit-Chat Dundee – which has also interviewed Clive Gillman, seven years on. We asked Ryan about the importance of sharing the stories of creative individuals in Dundee:

“I suppose I could use the phrase “a problem shared is a problem halved”. Sustaining your own creative practice can be incredibly fulfilling and rewarding but it’s not easy. Inevitably you’re going to make mistakes but chances are you’re not the first person to have done it. Sharing experiences can help others relate, empathise and overcome similar situations. Sharing knowledge, insights and experiences is absolutely vital for any creative community to thrive and grow. The more we can do this in Dundee, the stronger we will become. 

I started Creative Chit Chat to get the real stories and journeys behind brilliant creatives connected to Dundee. I’ve now built up over 50 hours of content creating a snapshot of Dundee’s creative community. It helps inspire and inform other creatives within Dundee but it also shows the rest of the world what’s happening here. We need to attract more talented people to the city and shouting about what’s already happening and the individuals involved is a great way of doing it.”

And even though we don’t have a podcast anymore, our commitment to telling local creative stories is still alive and well! You can find them on Split Screen, Spotlight and the Two Minute Series.



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