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Dundee Women’s Festival

On March 8th International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world, to recognise women’s rights and their achievements! Dundee Women’s Festival is back as a dedicated and local celebration, with yet another amazing programme, between March 4th-17th.

Prue Watson, Chair of Dundee Women’s Festival Committee, writes: “Women change lives! 100 years ago they campaigned, marched, starved and died so women’s voices could be heard. ‘Votes for Women’ has truly been a vote for women. Our lives in 2018 would have been unimaginable 100 years ago. Through our Festival of women, by women, for women we celebrate the achievements of women. In this International Year of Young People we look to the future to our daughters and granddaughters – may they ourish. Come and join us for a full two weeks of equality, education and enjoyment. Join us in A Vote for the Future!

small extract of the programme

As always the programme offers discussions, workshops, performances, screenings, activities and much more, around themes like health, politics, environment, history, food, design, work, storytelling, sports, music, art and lots of other themes.

Be sure to got through the programme and book spaces for the events you’d like to attend!

The art in the programme (and this post) was created by Laura Darling, you can read our interview with her here



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