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Help Us Make 99 Things to See and Do in Dundee!

For the last couple of years we have been crowdsourcing some local wisdom on the 99 local spots in Dundee that are just unmissable. The last guide was extremely popular, as you might have seen popping up in local venues. It even got an extra reprint of 9,000 copies, for both universities in the city. See the guide here!

Printing these guides is important for the many visitors that come to the city – during degree shows, design festival, big concerts, short term work and as of September, the V&A – but also for everyone who lives here to explore what is available locally and enrich the overall city experience.

For the guide to be truly relevant to what is going on Dundee we need the help of as many people as possible! If you can spare a couple of minutes, please fill the form below with the key places in the city that should not be missed! The more people who pitch in, the better the selection of the 99 spots will be!



You have until Tuesday, April 17th to fill it in and make sure you are heard! Just as a refresher, here’s what was in the guide last year!


Current List of 99 Things to See and Do in Dundee – 2017!

  1. The McManus Art Gallery and Museum
  2. Dundee Contemporary Arts (DCA)
  3. Verdant Works
  4. Hannah Maclure Centre
  5. Dundee University
  6. RRS Discovery
  7. HM Frigate Unicorn
  8. Dundee Rep Theatre and Scottish Dance Theatre
  9. Gardyne Theatre
  10. Caird Hall
  11. Dundee Science Centre
  12. GENERATORprojects.
  13. Folk Café
  14. The Parlour
  15. Flame Tree
  16. Henry’s
  17. The Auld Tram
  18. Pacamara  
  19. Taypark House
  20. Tea And Cake
  21. The Palais
  22. Avery & Co
  23. Jessie’s Kitchen
  24. KitshnBake  
  25. The D’Arcy Thompson.
  26. Italian Grill
  27. Agacan
  28. Tahini
  29. Manchurian
  30. Sol Y Sombra
  31. Gallery 48
  32. Más
  33. The Bach
  34. The Boozy Cow
  35. The West House
  36. Castlehill
  37. The Tayberry
  38. The Newport
  39. George Orwell,
  40. The Wine Press
  41. Mayfly
  42. Jam Jar
  43. The Art Bar
  44. Duke’s Corner
  45. Innis & Gunn’s The Beer Kitchen  
  46. Brewdog
  47. The Speedwell  
  48. The Phoenix
  49. Clark’s
  50. Reading Rooms
  51. BeatGenerator Live
  52. Clark’s 24 Hour Bakery  
  53. Groucho’s
  54. Assai
  55. DCA Shop
  56. Spex Pistols
  57. Pretty Fly Studios
  58. Fluph
  59. Fraser’s Fruit and Veg
  60. Clementines
  61. Cheesery
  62. HeartSpace Wholefoods
  63. Continental Food Store
  64. JA Braithwaite’s
  65. Cartocon Store,
  66. Manifesto
  67. Hard Grind
  68. Arkive
  69. M Boutique
  70. MC Boutique
  71. Hayley Scanlan’s boutique shop.
  72. The top of the Law
  73. Riverside & Tay Rail Bridge3
  74. Riverside Nature Park
  75. Maggie’s Centre
  76. Slessor Gardens Discovery Walk
  77. Camperdown Park & Wildlife Centre7
  78. Dudhope
  79. Statues
  80. Balgay Park, Observatory
  81. Baxter Park
  82. The Howf
  83. Magdalen Green
  84. Botanic Gardens
  85. Kinshaldy Beach at Tentsmuir
  86. The Sidlaw Hills
  87. Get a day pass on the Number 73 bus and spend your day visiting a trio of great sandy beaches in Carnoustie, Monieth and Broughty Ferry – have a pint in the Fisherman’s, an ice-cream in Visocchi’s; explore the Barnhill Rock Gardens and Broughty Ferry Castle.
  88. Unesco City of Design
  89. Fleet Collective,
  90. Wasps Studios,
  91. Ceramics Workshop,
  92. DCA Print Studio
  93. The Circle,
  94. District 10,
  95. Vision Building includes Comics Creative Space, Dundee MakerSpace, NEoN Digital Arts, Biome Collective, Creative Dundee and more.
  96. V&A Dundee
  97. University of Dundee,
  98. Abertay University
  99. Dundee & Angus College



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