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Ingela Ihrman: ‘We Thrive’ at Cooper Gallery


Date: March 9 – April 13 // Venue: Cooper Gallery, DJCAD

Cooper Gallery is pleased to present the first UK solo exhibition of Swedish artist Ingela Ihrman; We Thrive. Drawing upon a poetic absurdism characterised by craft and amateur theatrics We Thrive contests and subverts how we see and interact with nature. Featuring a giant hogweed, intestines, a giant otter giving birth before a human gaze and a toad doing gymnastics, Ihrman’s artworks index debates on our complex and problematic relationship with invasive species and the anthropomorphising of the animal kingdom.

Encompassing performance, crafted object and moving image, We Thrive is an exhibition where you can rethink how society situates, codifies and relates to the world around us.

Ingela Ihrman is an artist based in Malmö. Her practice moves freely between performance art, installations, and writing. The use of costumes and staged situations are reoccurring elements in her presentations, such as bringing creatures into life while giving birth or bringing flowers into bloom. Ihrman’s work is characterised by tactile craft techniques, hobbyism and poetic absurdism, and in its making borrows from amateur theatre as well as from science.

Ingela Ihrman, The Giant Hogweed, 2016. Courtesy: the artist. Photo Credit: Jean Baptiste Béranger


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