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Neurogenesis: from neuron birth to all that we are  

Image from Neurogenesis. Courtesy of Helen & Kate Storey and Rama Das

Date: March 22 // Venue: Centrespace, DCA // Time: 5-7pm

Neurogenesis is a new immersive installation by designer and social artist Helen Storey and developmental biologist Kate Storey. Images of nerve cell generation emerge from a dress formed with materials worn by time. With its central motif of neuron birth, Neurogenesis challenges us to think about how the nervous system forms and changes, connecting us to our lived experience of the function and degeneration of neurons within our bodies.

Neurogenesis comes 20 years after Helen and Kate created Primitive Streak, an art work which toured 50 venues in 8 countries and was exhibited here in Dundee in 2002.

Neurogenesis is part of the VRC at 20 programme at Centrespace celebrating the history of Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design’s Visual Research Centre in Dundee Contemporary Arts.

The show will be open between 23 March and 22 April 2018 and the opening happens on Thursday 22 March, 5-7pm at the Centrespace, in the Visual Research Centre downstairs at the DCA.





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