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OpenClose: Street Art Trail in Stobswell

Door at Headroom@Room39 by Jen Collins

Last year we told you about the early days of a street art trail in the city centre. Since then, OpenClose has developed this amazing project into an incredible tour of forgotten doorways, now turned into art. You can find maps and go on tours of this amazing new feature in town.

Now the project has grown and is tackling doorways all around Stobswell! We’d strongly recommend you follow their instagram to keep up with the progress and even go see the work live, as it’s created.

Door at Boomerang by James Gemmill

Russel Pepper spoke to us about developing this project: “It has been going really well and we’ve had a great response from local people and business owners, a lot of interest. It started up in Stobswell because Colin Clement from the Stobswell Forum got in touch and was keen to have something similar happen up there – the Stobswell forum funded us £4500 and another £1500 came from the NHS community innovation fund, so this allowed us to fully fund the artists for this stage (a lot volunteered for the city centre trail), which is where we wanted and needed to go with the project, so the fact this has happened now is great.

The trail will be ready for Stobsfest, and you can attend the first guided tour on May 5th at 12:30pm, starting at Tayview Community Garden on Robertson St. These tours will take place every Saturday, in May at 12:30pm.

Door at Boomerang Centre by Susie Purvis


OpenClose will have a market in the city square alongside the farmers market from 9-4 on May 19th, with maps available – these will also be on sale in the DCA, McManus, tourist info, etc… as well as a few places in Stobswell. On the same day, you can watch a documentary on the project made by Jon Gill, 11am at the DCA.

Next, OpenClose would love to replicate the project at Lochee or Hilltown! So keep an eye out…

Door at Tayside Plumbing by Matthew Beakes


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