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PKN20 Richard Cook

Richard Cook of spex pistols, Dundee is a master lens maker who has been designing and making lenses for over 30 years, since he left school with no qualifications and got a job washing lenses in a bucket. He has previously been a male stripper, a stand up comedian and a pea buster salesman. He has been the undisputed World Outdoor Fried Egg Champion since 1984 and would welcome any challenges to his crown. 6 years ago, when he opened his shop and was down on his luck, Pecha Kucha saved his life. On that night, where he made so many new friends for life, he met the love of his life Sooz, and they now have Sadie, the first Pecha Kucha baby. He has also lost 4 stones in weight and re learned to swim after a near death experience in the River Tay. His best ‘invention’ to date has been the Self Reflector, a mirror which takes your photo, prints it out of an old till and plays you your favourite song from when you were 14 out of and old radio amplifier. His favourite project of the last few years is The World’s Smallest Street Market, an idea collaboration with Jennie Patterson which is even more fun than it sounds. @spexpistols


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