Creative Dundee

Arcadia Night

Venue: Unit 6, Vision Building // Date: 24 May // Time: 18:30 – 23:30pm // Tickets

ARCADIA NIGHT is a showcase of indie game design brought to you by Biome Collective in partnership with IGDA Scotland & We Throw Switches, and supported by Henderson Loggie. Learn about the game making process from local game designers currently working on exciting new games!

Speakers Include: 

Tom Demajo – Designer – Biome Collective

James Wood – Fun Wizard & Doug ‘D-Dog’ Flinders – Art Gang Boss – Bit Loom / Biome Collective

Natalie Clayton – Freelance Writer

Joanna Jakubowska – Senior UI Designer – Tag Games

Sarah Herzog – Programmer and Producer – Bounder Games

Rachel Simpson – Audio Designer – Outplay

Gary Penn – Designer – Denki

Fruzsina Pittner – Post Graduate Researcher – Biome Collective

Colin Anderson – Commercial Director – Earthbound Games


Games include:

Garden – Biome Collective

Phogs – Bit Loom

Armoured Engines – Bounder Games

illal – Natalie Clayton

Big Crown Showdown – Hyper Luminal Games

Weaponized” – Earthbound Games

Flintlock Boom – Pocket Sized Hands


From a game about a two-headed dog and a mindful VR experience to a multiplayer showdown and an experimental robotic experience. Do you play games, want to work with game makers or are you baffled by games? This event is for all! Come play games by Biome Collective and friends.

More games will be confirmed soon! Food and refreshments will be provided. Book your free ticket here!


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