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Tag Games specialises in crafting games for tablet and mobile devices. You can read more about their work and the games they have developed on their website here. TAG has a number of positions open for applications, within different areas of their work. You can see some of them below:

UI Designer 

As a UI Designer, you will be a highly skilled and experienced individual comfortable in a variety of software packages and gaming platforms both mobile and console.

Economy Designer

The ideal candidate will understand that creating great gaming experiences that engage players and monetise effectively requires both great game design and effectively utilising quantitative data. They will want to be involved in both sides of this process but have a strong focus on the latter and work towards achieving specific business goals.

Junior Product Manager

This position would particularly suit experienced game data analysts or economy designers looking to expand their skills and experience.

Pitch Designer

You will create compelling pitches for Free to Play games based on a solid understanding of mechanics, trends and where the market is going.

Senior Game Designer

You will be the creative vision holder across either one or multiple games driving the high-level creative process for each title, getting deep down and dirty with hands-on design when and where required.

You can find out more about TAG on their website, Facebook, and Twitter


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