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WoS Street Art: Artists & Designers Needed!

In February, as part of Dundee Decides, people all across the city people voted for projects in their local areas. In the West End, one of the winning projects was “Improvements in Perth Road District Shopping Area”. As part of this, Dundee City Council and Open/Close Dundee wants to bring the on-street bins to life, applying designs and artworks to them. This will create an amazing visual spectacle as you walk up the Perth Road area and encourage people to visit.

The Euro bins on Perth Road are a recent intrusive intervention. The aim of Waste of Space is to develop these negative objects into something positive for the streetscape. By painting these bins it is hoped that they become colourful points of interest within the street.

This project has been created to strengthen the identity of the Perth Road shopping area. This shopping district is known in Dundee for its independent shops and the aim is to emphasise this sense of independence through the artwork. It is not the intention to create an overall branding for the shopping area, but to connect the street to the arts and culture of the local area.

They are looking for artists and designers to paint the general waste and recycling bins from the Tartan Café up to Sinderins junction. There are 17 bins in total, made up of 3 different types; general waste, paper recycling and mixed recycling (metal and plastic). The bins vary in size and shape so any design or artwork must be scalable to accommodate this. There are also a variety of bin arrangements, some sitting individually, some as pairs. Therefore, some artists/designers will be invited to paint multiple bins that sit side by side. Take this into consideration when creating your concepts for submission and explain how yours would work across multiple bins if required.

Each successful artist/designer will be awarded a fee of £300 per bin. When applying, each artist/designer can submit up to 3 concepts. You will have to select a bin category for each of your concepts. Each category has slightly different requirements.

For details, submission requirements and how to apply you can visit Waste of Space’s website. Deadline for entries is 4 July, 2018!


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