Creative Dundee

Urban Lounge

Urban Lounge is the new offering from Sharing Not Hoarding! This project introduces a reinterpretation of the Slessor Gardens in the form of an expressive outdoor gathering space. The installation – comprised of a playful collection of moveable tyres, chalkboards and books – begs for interaction, reactivating the area and enhancing the connection to the urban landscape.

Designed by artist Anna Reid, in collaboration with young people from Hot Chocolate Trust, the pop-up installation aims to demonstrate the potential of reclaiming public space.

Anna explains: “I had a set plan when I began this project. However, It is fair to say that any pre-conceived ideas I had went straight out the window when I began collaborating with the young people from Hot Chocolate Trust. They stretched the project, this way and that, and after only a handful of workshops and in a short space of time, imagined this outdoor gathering area that encourages people to think about the potential of public space. I have to thank them all for continuing to inspire me and for reminding me to never have a set plan…

Posters will display the design process at the Sharing Not Hoarding site, Slessor Gardens between Friday 6th July and Friday 7th September. They also act as a form of documentation for the pop-up outcome itself which will enliven the Slessor Gardens on Wed 18 July, 2pm – 6pm.

Finally, the team is looking for book donations that will be added to the site on the 18th! If you can help, shoot Anna an email.


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