Creative Dundee

Hello World from V&A Dundee…

A unique and interactive sound, light and graphics project will start the conversationbetween V&A Dundee and citizens of the city, Scotland and the wider world. 

Dundee digital creatives Biome Collective and Agency of None have been working to produce Hello World, a feast of sight and sound that will be among the highlights of the opening 3D Festival event at Slessor Gardens on Friday September 14.

Biome Collective and Agency of None have worked together to design a “visual language” that will be used across the event, delivered by award-winning lighting company 21CC.

Biome Collective will present a dynamic performance of light and sound that will connect the audience withKengo Kumas award-winning building, while Agency of None has created an immersive graphic experience, taking inspiration from the surroundings of the building in Dundee and Japanese urban environments such as Shinjuku in Tokyo.

Lyall Bruce and Ryan McLeod of Agency of None said it was important for the world to feel a connection to V&A Dundee and the city itself.

Lyall added: We have designed an experience that takes the audience on a journey which evolves throughout the night, this is a great opportunity to showcase design to a wider audience. We want to see Dundee become an internationally recognised centre for all types of design.

Biome Collective founders Tom deMajo and Malath Abbas said their vision was to create a connection between the people and the building.

Tom added: “It is important to celebrate and welcome positive changes in the cultural landscape, and V&A Dundee is part of that change for Dundee.

“This is a great moment for the people of Dundee to finally welcome this new member of the community. We hope that Hello World will define a point in time for them to meet.”

Designed by Kengo Kuma as a new living room for the city, V&A Dundee opens to the public on Saturday September 15. Access to the museum on Saturday 15 and Sunday 16 September has been ticketed and is also fully booked.  The museum is open from Monday 17 September, no ticket required.


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