Creative Dundee

Physical Theatre: Journeys

Venue: Outside Dundee Train Station // Date: 29th September // Time: 12pm, 2pm and 4pm

Nunah is an exciting physical theatre company based in Dundee. They create original, visually stunning, emotionally resonant, productions, sometimes inside theatres but more recently in other public spaces. It is an innovative and uniquely staged approach to story-driven theatre. The trademark style of experimental performance always begins with a process of physical improvisation and play.  

Their brand new and energetic piece will take place outside the train station, and is entitled ‘Journeys’. It will feature professional theatre performers from Scotland. ‘The Journey’ is a devised innovative piece which will be a celebration of Dundee’s new station, and will be high energy and visually exciting!

Child-friendly. Suitable for all ages.


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