Dundee Soup joins St Andrew’s Fair Saturday Festival

Venue: The Circle // Date: Dec 1st // Times: 11am – 1pm // Bookings

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Huge thanks to Allison Declercq for making this video. Check her work here!

Dundee Soup gives micro-grants to local community-based projects to make creative ideas a reality, over a simple supper dinner. The next Dundee Soup will take place on Saturday 1st December 2018, from 11am – 1pm, at The Circle.

Dundee Soup #5 is part of the St Andrew’s Fair Saturday Festival – a Scottish Government pilot initiative for 2018 which is being delivered by the Fair Saturday Foundation. After Black Friday, thousands of artists and cultural organisations around the world get together in a unique festival and support social causes through their show and events.

Dundee Soup is a social event supporting local community-based projects and creating new connections in the city. For a suggested donation of £5 or more, you can join us on the night, receive a simple soup supper and hear four short presentations from local people with creative ideas to benefit their community – these can range from art, design, urban agriculture, social justice, social entrepreneurs, education, technology and much more. At the end of the night, everyone gives their donations directly to their preferred projects!

Dundee Soup dinners are open to anyone: whether you need help for an idea that could benefit the Dundee community or whether you want to support a local community-based project. Read more about the event here.

If you are interested in hosting a Dundee Soup in the future, sponsor the supper, play some music, or something else on the night then get in touch – we’d love to hear from you: news@creativedundee.com.


Get your tickets for Dundee Soup #5 here.

Anyone who has an idea to benefit Dundee’s communities can pitch – whether you are an individual, small team or community group. The application deadline to be considered for Dundee Soup #5 on Dec 1st is midnight, Sunday 25th Novembre 2018. Please fill out the form below or click here. If you would like a paper copy of the application, you can pick a copy up from The Circle – see map below this proposal form.

This event is produced in partnership between Creative Dundee and The Circle for kindly coordinating Dundee Soup. Thanks to Shona Littlejohn for helping kick-start the first Dundee Soup to happen in the city in April 2017.

See previous Dundee Soup projects here.

*Dundee Soup #5 is partly funded by BEMIS Scotland via Scotland’s Winter Festivals, and part of the St Andrew’s Fair Saturday Festival. This is a partnership between BEMIS Scotland and the Scottish Government to facilitate diverse, multicultural celebrations.

About Soups

The first SOUP was developed in Detroit in 2010 with a group of artists’ friends gathered around a dinner to share ideas about art challenges, finding innovative solutions and imperfect ideas for projects that were hard to discover funding for. Over the years, Detroit SOUP has moved from funding artists to a wide variety of community members that need a little money to start their projects and the challenging ideas pushed people to think about the city in different ways.

“It’s a little bit of funding, it’s a lot more empowering and it’s even more about connectivity.” – Amy Kaherl, Detroit Soup founder. Find out more about Detroit Soup here.

11am – 1.30pm: Saturday 1st December 2018
The Circle
4-6 Staffa Place