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Sustain Your Errors: Public Performance in Dundee

Date: 24 November 2018 // Location: Unit 6, Vision Building // Time: 6-8pm


Sustain Your Errors is an evening of performances and experiments around the idea of ‘sustaining errors’ from a group of artists and musicians this weekend in Dundee, as part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival. Everyone is welcome to the informal event taking place on Saturday 24 November from 6-8pm in Unit 6 of the Vision Building on Greenmarket.

The interdisciplinary arts project titled Sustain Your Errors re-interprets a set of ideas by artist and musician David Cunningham first used for his 1976 vinyl LP Grey Scale. The performances will be based on workshops undertaken by local artists and musicians earlier in the week.

The inspiration for this project is a set of simple instructions and algorithms designed for group performance called the Error System, which accompanied Grey Scale. The instructions are for an artist or performer to interpret in either ‘simple human or mechanical movement’, controllable visuals, projection or sound. The systems created are intensely repetitive and form potentially never-ending loops.

Curator and project organiser Cicely Farrer explained: “I’m interested in what happens when you get a group of people to do a repetitive action, and – in this instance – allow human error to lead us in a new direction. The interpretation is different every time, and should create a rhythmic experience for people to enjoy.”

The event will see workshop participants and facilitators, musician/media archivist Adam Lockhart and choreographer Saffy Setohy, share their experiments with the Error System in an informal evening of group performances. Joining the event will be recent DJCAD graduate artist Saoirse Anis and musician Atzi Muramatsu who have created new works in response to the systems.

The project is part of NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2018 and is supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland.

Image Credit: Drawing from Piano duo No. 1., instructions for performance, David Cunningham.  1971. Courtesy of David Cunningham.

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