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Observe // Organise // Engage at Nomas* Projects

Nomas* Projects are delighted to be working with artist Miriam Mallalieu. She will be showing three consecutive exhibitions beginning with the current work ‘Observe’ now on show. 

Mallalieu has exhibited regularly in Scotland, particularly at Hidden Door festival in Edinburgh between 2013-2017, and internationally in Europe and the US. She has received many prizes for her work. In regards to her practice, she explains: “My practice is usually sculptural monuments to the ordering of material: things are arranged, they are placed into sequence and they are observed. Often the material is in fragments or remains paper, spiderwebs, dead insects, dust, bits of rag – things that are overlooked. They are placed into frames or boxes, elevated into inscrutable objects of importance.”

The first of three artist talks from Miriam will be held on Sunday, Feb 24th, 4-5.30pm at Generator Projects.


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