What You Told Us About Equality & Pecha Kucha

Creative Dundee’s main objective, through all of its events and content, is to support and connect creativity in the city. This calls for representing the city and its different groups & demographics. As a cultural organisation, it’s not hard to fall into patterns that only put the spotlight on groups who have historically owned it. We’ve been asking ourselves, how can we take away barriers to what we do and start addressing some of those deeply seeded inequalities that have kept many from accessing creativity in its different communal expressions?

During Pecha Kucha Night Dundee Vol 22, on 6 Nov 2018, we asked attendees to define their own identity as well as the biggest inequalities they see on a day to day basis as a first step in getting to know our audience as well as our blindspots.

The following protected characteristics came out top:

• Socio-economic disadvantage
• Gender
• Age
• Sexual orientation.

Alongside some interesting quotes:

  • “Inequality of being a woman (sex), of being a gender, asexual, not
    conforming to how I should look, speak and act.”
  • “I live amongst inequality. I work with inequality. I rail against
    inequality. I walk past inequality and I want to change it.”
  • “Not many being white, however, I identify as LGBT and so while I rarely
    experience any direct effects or oppression in my circle of friends and work
    place, there are certain societal pressures – fear of showing affection with
    my partner, being fully out etc.”
  • “Between men and women. The way people look at me when I
    introduce myself because of my accent.

From then, we added a few key questions on the Evenbrite for Pecha Kucha Vol.23 which helped us get a more specific sense of the make-up of the audience. Here are some of the results:


We also found out the postcodes that different attendees come from:


Some of these numbers are more balanced, others show that we still have some work ahead in terms of creating opportunities for everyone in Dundee. As we do it, we’ll also try to continue the conversation going – as we did in events and a publication last year. So, please, get in touch to share your insight and expertise!

We’ll keep you posted as this process develops!