Creative Dundee

DD Tours PKN 23

Stewart Heaton and Louise Murphy of DD Tours run city walking tours in Dundee. They started in 2016 with Dark Dundee tours, exploring the dark side of our city’s history. Since then they have told their stories to over 10,000 people from all over the world and ran more than 15 different tours including taking over Verdant Works, Claypotts Castle and Discovery at Halloween. They now also run Discover Dundee tours which looks at more of the highlights, instead of the lowlights, of history and you’ll usually find them either underground in the Vaults, at the top of the Old Steeple or locked in a creepy old cemetery at night. The funny and entertaining way the tours are presented as a double act has helped them become #1 of 12 tours in Dundee on Trip Advisor. @Dundee_Tours


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