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A Shared City // Launch

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At the most recent Dundee Soup, Sorcha Pringle made a pitch for A Shared City, a project using the arts to bring women from different cultural backgrounds living in Dundee together, and exploring what does it mean to make a place Home as a community of multicultural women.

After a warm reception at Dundee Soup and many offers of support, A Shared City is ready to launch! This will be a gathering of women from different backgrounds to eat, discuss and create. If you fit that bill, go along to it on Thursday, June 27 at Coldside Parish Church! Let the organisers know you are coming or ask any questions you might have, here.

As for Dundee Soup, it gives micro-grants to local people and collectives, to develop creative ideas that aim to benefit their community, and the dinners are open to anyone – whether you need help for an idea that could benefit the Dundee community or whether you want to support a project that aims to tackle local challenges!

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