Creative Dundee

Kindred Spirits at Gallery Q

Kindred Spirits, the new exhibition opening this Saturday at Gallery Q, celebrates the work of Charles MacQueen, his wife Christine Woodside and Charles’ daughter Sian MacQueen. While each of them creates their own distinctly recognisable work they are united in their interest in textured surfaces in their paintings and sculpture.

Charles’ abstract compositions incorporate memories and forms observed from his travels to Morocco, Italy, the Greek Islands, and France. He uses textured levels of paint and gesso to evoke the feeling of specific places. The influence of colour and light experienced in these places are visible in his highly atmospheric works.

Christine creates landscapes inspired by her travels and the countryside around her Fife home. In 1995 the opportunity to travel to North Africa transformed her work thanks to being awarded the Teachers Whisky Travel Scholarship at the Royal Glasgow Institute. Her paintings also demonstrate a love of texture, using many layers of oil, watercolour, pastel and applied paper.

Sian lives and works in Kilmartin Glen in Argyll. Her paintings and sculptures respond to the changing light and weathered surfaces of the coastline. Her sculptures use abstract compositions and contrasting textures which are also made from modular ceramic pieces combined to form tactile patterns.

The exhibition opens on Saturday 24 August, 5pm at Gallery Q.


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