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Creative Timebanking Workshop

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Cities like Dundee are filled with skilled and talented individuals making projects and ideas happen, where collaborations are a vital part of our creative networks. These connections increasingly define how creative projects and organisations support themselves and it is important to continue to explore new sustainability models and opportunities.

Creative Scotland, in collaboration with Leeds Creative Timebank, Creative Dundee, Creative East End and artist Ailie Rutherford invite individuals and organisations to join us for a morning of learning and collaboration. Creative Industries freelancers, microbusinesses and artists all need specialist skills that they don’t hold in house. We will learn from Leeds Creative Timebank’s decade of experience in solving this challenge. This will act as a jumping off point to consider how their ideas and experiences resonate with work that’s happening in the creative communities in Dundee.

Join us for breakfast and be part of the initial conversation looking at mutual exchange systems for creative communities in Scotland.

The event will happen on 20 November at Dundee Rep Studio 3, 9:30 (breakfast) for a 10-12:30 event run. Here’s a link to register.

The morning will include:

The event is about making the most of the strengths that we’ve got and exploring ways of harnessing it, so that local creative communities can flourish.

Creative Scotland’s Creative Industries team is always looking for ways to help sustainable creative businesses in Scotland develop and grow. If you have questions about the event you can contact Creative Industries Officers Jackie Stewart and Ashley Smith Hammond. Or come along on the 20 November and talk to them in person.


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