Creative Dundee

Fun A Day Creatives

Since 2011, the Fun a Day Dundee project has developed from a small scale voluntary run month-long challenge for artists to make something new every day in January, to a large scale funded project with five months of activity, social meets in person, workshops and opportunities all for anyone regardless of where they are in their art practice.

This year the FADD team was gearing up to exhibit the work of 90 artists who took part in the challenge but due to COVID-19 the record-breaking event will no longer happen.

But the team has quickly adapted and launched FAD Creatives, an online opportunity to see work from a variety of artists. Through social media, they will be sharing a wide selection of art on a regular basis like woodturner Jack Anderson and crochet designer Marta Mitchell – both who have participated in the Fun a Day challenge to make something creative every day in January. These showcases will include artists from all backgrounds, including the vast community built through the many years of Fun a Day Dundee.

Sam Sherriff, who has been leading FADD for the last few years, explains: “Numerous artists we have connected within our community are freelancers, and like many, are in a vulnerable situation financially. It’s important to support creative people and organisations, to advertise their craft, their business, to extend that knowledge of admiration and appreciation in any way we can.

To keep in touch and see all the updates from FADD Creatives you can follow them on Instagram & Facebook.


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