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Listening to Local Makers w/ Creative Chit Chat

At this time we find listening to makers in and around Dundee is particularly important, both as a way to support the creative community but also for a sense of the vibrance still present across the city. Since 2016, the Creative Chit Chat Podcast has been doing just that. Created by designer and director of Agency of None, Ryan McLeod, the podcast has an impressive archive of interviews.

As a new batch of episodes is released, we caught up with Ryan about what he’s learned from all these years of in-depth conversation. “Pretty much everyone is muddling through and worried about imposter syndrome.” He reflects, “Everyone is striving to find that balance of creativity, fulfillment and paying the bills. No one has all the answers. I think we all need to be a little more comfortable being uncomfortable. Pushing outside those comfort zones and exploring them through collaboration.

You can access the entire archive here and explore both familiar voices or take a chance on individuals who are entirely new to you, which in Ryan’s view is the best way to approach the show.

As the podcast nears the 100th episode mark, the COVID-19 pandemic and lockdown measures seem to make resourced like CCCDundee particularly important. “When things are tough we rely on each other to get through,” Ryan explains, “that’s the whole point in a community, right? In times of crisis, I feel it’s more important than ever to keep creating, sharing and questioning”.

Without a doubt, it will be more difficult for some than others to step forward and make their voice heard or to have the ability to make things happen at times like these. But those voices and perspectives can be the catalyst to starts things moving and to create real positive change.

You can download Creative Chit Chat on your preferred podcasting app, and amplify some of those voices across social media.


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