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PKN26 Dr. Drew Hemment

Dr Drew Hemment is an artist, designer and academic researcher. He is Chancellors Fellow at Edinburgh Futures Institute and Edinburgh College of Art at the University of Edinburgh. Over 25 years, he has been one of the key figures who has shaped the field of digital art and culture. Drew has worked with cities and nations representing culture and research at the highest level, including work for the Singapore Government on Smart Nation and Singapore’s 50th anniversary. Drew founded FutureEverything in 1995, and was Artistic Director for 23 years of the UK’s annual festival of digital culture. He champions open, bottom-up culture and introduced art and human centred design into flagship IoT and Smart Cities programmes in UK, Europe and Asia. He leads with Professor Mel Woods the GROW Observatory, the world’s first continental scale citizens’ observatory. His latest project, Experiential AI, supports artists and scientists to create accountable and responsible AI. @toodrew @experientialAI


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