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Open Call: Dundee’s Isolation Film Festival

Whether it’s in a cinema or a gallery, we love to gather together to experience the moving image – and miss them dearly when gathering is no longer an option. That’s why filmmaker and artist Chris Gerrard is organising Dundee Isolation Film Festival. It will be a one-night streaming event (held on the 29 May), screening as many short films as possible. The official page will be sharing links and relevant info, so be sure to follow it.

Anyone who is either from or lives in Dundee can send in work, from any genre, and of any style. It may have been prompted by the lockdown, but it is a space to share any work and isn’t themed around the Coronavirus. The festival aims to share the best work, inspiring and entertaining those trapped in quarantine.



This part is simple. To apply, please email with the following details:

– A link to your film on a video sharing site (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.). If you’re selected, the festival will contact you for a file share link, but a streaming copy will do for now.

– A short description of the work, a short biography of yourself, and links to any websites or social media. Even if your work isn’t selected to be screened, we’re putting together a list of artists to be shared on the night and your links will be included there.

The deadline for submissions is 5pm on the 22 May. If you have any further questions, please email.


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