Creative Dundee

Sound of Your Voice (Isolation)

Studio Space Art is a group of independent artists based here in Dundee who are currently looking to hear the ‘sound of your voice’, in an open call for contributors in response to their time in ‘isolation’.

You can submit your response in whatever medium you’d like; words, music, images, audio, a dance, a piece to camera, a drawing, etc… it is completely up to you and whatever you think/feel at this time.

As they have been listening to and gathering ‘voices’ from Dundee to China in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, this invitation is open to absolutely everyone of all ages, walks of life and corners of the globe to get involved. There is no closing date at this time.

You can contact Sharron Devine with any questions or support you might need with your idea

and find out more detail here.


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