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Cooper Gallery: Hear, Here

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During the lockdown, Cooper Gallery has continued to deliver A Space In-Between, online projects from a variety of artists. The most recent, HearHere, is an online programme of sound commissions by artists Anne Bean and Nicolas Parkinson, Anne-Marie Copestake, Tina Krekels, Georgina Starr and Viola Yeşiltaç.

Anne Bean and Nicolas Parkinson’s sound-work originated with an installation, From Source to Mouth, an aeolian harp of 7 strings, each 60 metres long, strung over Limehouse foreshore, so the wind and river had a voice, during the depth of Covid disquiet.

This is only one of the many pieces you can check out. Have a look at Cooper Gallery’s website and across their social media channels to keep up with all the amazing resources being shared!


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