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HALL12 – Encounter Activism is a participatory performance and research project by European Artist Collective TAAT, which explores the tension between our innate sociality and recent physical separation due to COVID19. In a series of silent walks through five European cities (Amsterdam, Athens, Brussels, Dundee, and Riga), they’re inviting participants to negotiate proximity by moving through the city with a stranger.

There are 10 spaces available for people who wish to take part in the walk with an assigned partner. On 12th September 2020 at 2pm, five walks will commence from five different locations across Dundee’s city centre. Walks are designed for two and are physically distanced. The start and finish points of the walk are fixed, but the route in between is up to you.

A participant in Brussells explains: “Occupying public space with/through another gave me a clear frame and confidence to look again at the city (…) Just being together felt like a welcome alternative to filling any possible space between us with words about lockdown.

Participants will end their journey at Slessor Gardens where a post-walk conversation will take place for participants to share their experiences.

These reflections will contribute to TAAT’s digital Archive of Solidarity, where experiences from across Europe will be shared. The starting point for each walk will be provided to participants following sign-up, with each walk taking approximately 20 minutes.

To take part in this international participatory project, contact If you have any access requirements, please contact them directly.

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