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Put Your Stamp on Dundee

Put Your Stamp on Dundee is a collaboration between 4 artists/designers who were awarded the Amps Community Ideas Fund in 2019!

Put Your Stamp on Dundee is a collaborative illustration project by Laura Darling, Louise Kirby, Pamela Scott and Suzanne Scott. We are all inspired by Dundee in their own work and have joined forces to create four unique collaborative drawings inspired by the sights, scenery and patterns that we see whilst exploring our lovely city.

For a bit of inspiration, we each made a viewfinder to pick out scenes from around the city that we love. Have a look on the @Stamp_Dundee Instagram page to see where we have been exploring…

Next, we set ourselves the challenge of starting a drawing each inspired by Dundee which we would then each add to in our own style. We chose our preferred art material: charcoal pencil, ink, pen and set a time limit of 30 minutes before passing the drawing on to the next person and so on until we had each added to all four. The results are great!

We deliberately didn’t plan what we would draw in advance and the time limit kept the drawings lively.

And now we would love for you to have a go too!

Get Involved

Part 1: Photograph!

Show us your favourite views in Dundee. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Make your own homemade viewfinder. 
    These are a great way to focus on little details. On paper or card, draw a square within a larger square and carefully cut out the middle one.
  2. Explore!
    Go out and discover Dundee. Look up, look down, look all around!
  3. Take photos of what you see, use your viewfinder to help you decide.*
  4. Share! We’d love to see your favourite views so please tag #stampdundee on Instagram or email 

*Don’t worry if you don’t have one or find it hard to take the photo whilst holding the viewfinder, you can draw a frame on afterwards in your phone’s gallery tools if you like.

Part 2: Illustrate!

We’ve started four drawings, and we’d love for you to finish them. Use inspiration from the photographs you took in part one or draw from your memory. Why not involve a few members of your household and see what you come up with?

  1. Download 
    the four drawings, or choose your favourite >> Laura Darling, Louise Kirby, Pamela Scott and Suzanne Scott.
  2. Print 
    them out (choose scale to fit media).
  3. Add to the drawing. 
    You can use pen, pencil, or even collage.
  4. Share!
    Photograph your illustration and share it with us! #stampdundee on Instagram or email

      HAVE FUN!

The four local artists and illustrators have contributed to recent art trails in the city like Open/Close, Maggie’s Penguin Parade and Oor Wullie Bucket Trail, with so much love and experience of public and community art.

Laura Darling is an illustrator and works in a shed at the bottom of her garden. She is inspired by noticing things and drawing them, often on paper and sometimes on sculptures and walls.

Louise Kirby is a designer and illustrator who creates bespoke prints for a range of applications from site specific installations to commissions. Her designs bring the positives into focus so that it connects people to the world around then.  She designs a collection products called Dundee Delights.

Pamela Scott is a printmaker and illustrator she makes linocut prints working from her home studio where she designs, carves and finally prints using her amazing etching press from Hawthorn Printmakers.

Suzanne Scott is an artist and illustrator based in Dundee working under the name WhimSicAL LusH. She creates unique, quirky illustrations that feature on ranges of prints, stationery, homeware and more.

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