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Glasgow Women’s Library Workshop: Justice & Creativity

Photo by Keith Hunter

Creative Dundee and Glasgow Women’s Library are partnering to bring you a workshop on GWL’s work and projects that bring together creativity and justice in our local communities.

On Wednesday 21 October, 2020 at 2-3pm, Glasgow Women’s Library will be offering an inside look into some of their projects with vulnerable and excluded communities within the criminal justice system, schools and more.

This workshop will give you insight on developing these projects, hurdles along the way and sticking with the community’s collective principles through the process. The session will also include a breakout group discussion and time for Q&A.

2-3pm, Wednesday 21 October, 2020 on Zoom

At the workshop you will hear from:

Syma Ahmed is a Development Worker for the Black and Minority Ethnic (BAME) at Glasgow Women’s Library which is dedicated in providing creative lifelong learning opportunities for BAME women in Glasgow and surrounding areas.  Her work promotes integration of women from diverse backgrounds by bringing them together to work on thematic projects on Gender Equality, Violence against Women and Race Relations to name a few.  Furthermore, Syma is keen to celebrate the success and achievements of BAME women through capturing and compiling their stories and preserving them at the Women’s Library. She also supports and work alongside Women of Colour creatives in Scotland, as a result making a positive impact on the wider Scottish arts culture by making it more innovative, diverse and representative of the people living in Scotland today. 

Syma will talk about the creative projects exploring Violence against Women.  Working with partners, artists and local women’s groups (including vulnerable women), she organised a theatre play and a short film to highlight VAW issues in Glasgow with a particular focus in BAME women’s experiences. 

Morag Smith studied English Literature in Glasgow then lived in Germany for some years before returning to Scotland where she worked in community learning and development, adult literacies, creative writing and literature development. In July 2009 she joined Glasgow Women’s Library as National Lifelong Learning Development Worker and now has a breathtaking knowledge of Scotland’s minor road and rail networks through taking the library’s learning programme to many places, including Aberdeen, Skye, Dundee, Inverness, Dunoon, West Dunbartonshire and Wigtown. She works with GWL’s learning team and a wide range of partner organisations, including libraries, community groups and women’s prison services, to deliver bespoke learning programmes, events, and workshops. Morag is particularly interested in working with new partner organisations and community-based women’s groups to support and develop new projects which enable women to discover new skills, creativity and confidence and connect with their own life history and the histories of other women past and present.

Morag will talk about some of the work which Glasgow Women’s library has done with vulnerable and excluded communities, including women in the criminal justice system and with schools to raise awareness of social and gender inequalities.

Glasgow Women’s Library is the only Accredited Museum in the UK dedicated to women’s lives, histories and achievements, with a lending libraryarchive collections and an extensive programme of public events & learning opportunities.

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