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The Amps Community Ideas Fund, a cash award each year to enable a new, creative and experimental collaboration between Amps, is currently £1,800 and growing!

Have a creative idea to help us reimagine a post-pandemic world and sustainable future? Want to help us reconnect with each other through arts, design and creativity? Looking for collaborators to use public spaces as stage to spread joy and fun?

Whatever form it takes – from arts of all kinds, storytelling, video games, design, to celebrating, playing, bringing people together and much more – we want to hear from you!

The Fund exists to spark and resource new collaborations that have creativity and experimentation at their heart; and will have a positive social impact in Dundee.

The Amps Community Ideas Fund is currently £1,800 and growing – 50% of all Amps subscriptions goes towards the Fund, so the more Amps there are, the bigger the Fund is!

To be eligible, your idea needs to be a collaborative project between two or more Amps – find out more about how to join the Amps Community here and connect with others at our weekly Amps Breakfasts, each Tuesday from 9am – 10am on Zoom.

Application deadline is on 29 November 2020, midnight, and your team will pitch their ideas at our Amps Forum on the evening of 3 December 2020.

It’s then over to the Amps community who will decide on the night which idea to award the funding to!

Amps is a community of people who make/cultivate creativity in Dundee, and collectively build on the future of the city. It’s an opportunity to be more visible/connected within the local creative community through events designed to build connections, showcase local projects, and develop collaborations throughout the city and beyond. Find out more about previous Amps collaborations and join us here!

Help us grow the Fund and make it more accessible by paying forward here! Your contribution will be used to support those who are not able to afford their subscriptions and give them access to the Fund.

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