Creative Dundee

Ahmad Deeni PKN27

Ahmad Deeni is an independent creative practitioner and founder at Chequered corridor. His approach to work aims to facilitate and enable discussion that leads to communication, understanding and collaboration between individuals, society, and industry. The intention of the process being to free itself of any complexity, in that it is presented openly and blatantly clear in its purpose. Upon graduating from DJCAD in 2018 he founded chequered corridor an artist collective charged with “helping yer da understand pompous art”  which has since had the pleasure of transforming V&A Dundee auditorium into a nostalgic playground with its pop up installation Awkward Family Photobooth. Alongside this he was a member of V&A Dundee’s Young People’s Collective, has worked and collaborated for Dundee based charity Yusuf Youth Initiative, Taught by Muhammed Food Bank and on a  project involving Facebook with London’s Livity Youth Network.  Recently he has featured in a collaborative show between Generator Projects and Wooosh Gallery with his print entitled “You know why they picked us”. He is now working on developing Dundee’s first open fabrications and sculpture workshop to facilitate individual artists, education and a collective public art practice with Chequered Corridor. @AhmadDeeni


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