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Rhiannon Mudaliar // The Full Picture

Four artists explored the barriers within the Creative Industries in Dundee through research and an artistic response, presented here.

Rhiannon Mudaliar’s work focused on the topic of ‘home’. Looking through Dundee’s historical connection with India through the Jute trade, and her own experience of being an artist and considering the colonial connection, Rhiannon explored what makes a place home, and what kind of ‘making’ can happen at home.

In her own words: “I developed a walking route through Dundee city center, with accompanying artist interviews and a short film. Viewers are invited to consider the psychogeography of the city as they watch the films and progress along the route at their own pace, reflecting on what home means to them. Stand up, get out there, and see our city with brand new eyes.

The video, at the top of this page, can be enjoyed as you walk through the city and consider your own experience in light of Rhiannon’s perspective. Through the research on the topic of home, the artist has also filmed conversations with other makers in the city dissecting the topic.

On The Full Picture project, Rhiannon explains: “The Full Picture was my first major project completed during the pandemic. It’s taught me a lot about working remotely and adjusting my filmmaking methods to suit the new situation us artists have found ourselves in! I think it also encouraged me to take a more introspective angle than I was initially considering. From talking with my fellow artists on the project, I found that a lot of the best, most truthful work I had to offer came from within myself. Sharing a personal perspective is often helpful in adding depth, nuance and emotion to a project! I’ll be keeping all these things in mind as I move on to future endeavours.

For more on Rhiannon and her work on this project, see her website and check out the other artists’ work here.

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