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Split Screen: Laura McSorley & Safya Devautour

On Split Screen, two people from different backgrounds who are part of creative life in Dundee interview each other.

In this episode: artist and curator Laura McSorley & game designer Safya Devautour!

This feature is brought to you by Creative Dundee in partnership with InGAME – creating space to explore the future of the creative industries and video games sectors, locally.

Laura McSorley is an artist and curator based in Dundee. She currently volunteers on the GENERATORprojects committee and is committed to all things DIY and artist-led. 

Safya Devautour, who is soon to graduate from Abertay University, is a game designer, poet, and public speaker. Starting their life journey in France, they quested all around the world before settling in Sunny Dundee. Mostly interested in games as a tool for societal change, and armed with multiculturalism, activism, and well-rounded narratives, Safya’s dream is bringing a breath of fresh air to the game industry and some much-needed warmth to player’s hearts. 

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