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NEoN Digital Arts Festival 2021

Save the date for NEoN Digital Arts Festival!

We are delighted to share that NEoN is back with a 4-day festival that will be a hybrid mix of online and physical exhibitions, interventions, performances and talks.

Running from 10 to 13 November, NEoN has invited female and non-binary artists and writers from across the world to investigate how we can bridge the digital gender divide. Through work presented at the festival, they’ll highlight the contribution of female and non-binary artists and technologists in shaping our digital lives.

This year’s festival takes its name from Lynne Cherny’s 1996 book Wired Women: Gender and New Realities in Cyberspace and seeks to provide avenues of empowerment, championing female and non-binary artists, performers and writers.

Much like those written about in Wired Women, the artists involved are engaged in radical re-imagining, generating alternative spaces that hint at ways in which we all might contribute towards gender equality, providing fair access to knowledge and platforms for creativity.

Keep your eye on @weareneon for more exciting news and updates!

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