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Volk Gallery presents CRASH! by Chris Connarty.

Have you ever fancied becoming an art collector? It’s easier than you think.

In the heart of the Keiller Centre you will find Volk Gallery – an ex-nappy vending machine turned art gallery. Run and co-curated by artists and organisers Elizabeth Ann Day and Luke Cassidy Greer, Volk Gallery is challenging the notion of what an exhibition space can be, disrupting the art market one affordable edition at a time!

Volk has found a really interesting and unexpected way to connect with the public outside of the normal gallery setting. Showcasing early career creatives by filling their vending machine with extremely inexpensive editions, they make owning an artwork accessible to people from all walks of life.

“We’re so excited to finally be launching Volk Gallery in Dundee’s historic Keiller Centre! When choosing a locale for our initiative we were keen to focus on areas of the city unassociated with Dundee’s arts community. Being based in the Keiller Centre, we hope to engage with a broader demographic and encourage a wider conversation about the importance of these spaces.”

Elizabeth Ann Day

Now in its third edition, Volk Gallery is bringing you an exhibition of work by DJCAD Graduate Chris Connarty. This time around the vending machine will be stocked up with a limited edition of 50 posters and 150 handmade badges.

Chris works with collage, printmaking and drawing to make text-based works and graphic images. Drawing from sources such as print media and public signage – you can expect an acute colour pallet, strong use of sharpies, old newspaper cuttings and a good visual play on words. He has also shown News From Heaven at Nomas Projects and more recently IOU at 24 Hour Window in Glasgow.

Volk Gallery

The first edition of Volk presented SUM POEMS featuring cassette tape editions by James Alexander McKenzie, a playful multidisciplinary artist. Edition two was Goblin Market, a series of riso printed concertina zines by Dundee based illustrator Mairi Isla. It is worth noting that both of these creatives are also DJCAD graduates, just like Luke and Elizabeth.

As both Dundee residents and graduates of DJCAD, we felt it vital to create an initiative that we would’ve wanted to see when first leaving university. It’s an important stepping stone, to have small platforms like Volk Gallery, that not only encourages creative thinking but also works as a paid opportunity.

Luke Cassidy Greer

This sentiment has not gone unnoticed, Volk really are doing good and necessary work in supporting early career creatives in Dundee. As if that’s not enough, Elizabeth and Luke are founders and editors at windfall* – a publication that also celebrates emerging and early career artists through thoughtful and engaging articles, essays and interviews!

You can mosey on down to the town centre and pick up an edition any day of the week from 9am -5pm. All you need is some pocket change and a good sense of direction to find your way round the iconic Keiller Centre.

Open until 7 October.

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