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Open Call: Dundee Ceramics Workshop Committee Members

Illustration of three colourful ceramic vessels including: a round vase with a short neck; a coffee pot; and a arch shaped vase. The background is pink and text reads "Committee Member Open Call".

Open Call: Dundee Ceramics Workshop are on the lookout for clay lovers to join their committee of volunteers.

Dundee Ceramics Workshop are looking for new volunteer committee members to join their community of artists and clay enthusiasts. This opportunity includes assisting with the running of the workshop and contributing to the development and vision of DCW.

The workshop is run by a volunteer committee of active artists and makers in and around Dundee, supported by a small staff team, freelance class tutors and a charity board of directors. Successful applicants should ideally be able to commit at least four hours a week to opening and supervising the workshop, as well as attending weekly committee meetings and helping with the day-to-day running of the workshop.

As a committee member your responsibilities will include:

Applicants must have an interest in ceramics and be based in or near Dundee. They must be able to commit to approximately 4 hours each week. No formal education or qualifications are necessary, but applicants must demonstrate an understanding of ceramics and a willingness to learn. They are also interested in welcoming new committee members with a background in marketing, business, or similar.

Committee members will be given an induction to the space, support and guidance, health and safety training, and opportunities for formal qualifications and training if interested. They will also have access to the workshop and are welcome to sit in on classes, learning valuable ceramics skills and networking with other ceramicists. 

For more information, or to request an application form, please send an email to

Deadline: Mon 30 May, end of day

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