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Sound: Designed in Dundee

An evening of experiencing and exploring the impacts of sound on our wellbeing and its ability to bring us together.

UPDATE: Sound: Designed in Dundee took place on 22 June 2022—take a look at photos of the night, featuring our speakers and people playing Sound of Light.

Sound is intertwined with our everyday lives. It accompanies us through moments of loneliness and togetherness, offering comfort when we’re by ourselves and uniting us in shared experiences. It’s the soundtrack to our excitement and joy, our sadness and grief. It inspires us to dance and move, and immerses us in films and videogames. Yet the impact that sound has on our wellbeing is often overlooked or taken for granted. Sound: Designed in Dundee creates space to come together to celebrate its influence and how it shapes our lives.

Join us for an evening of connection, discussion, interaction and live music, in the same room, together again. Experience interactive VR sound performance project, Sound of Light, and hear four speakers sharing how soundscapes are designed in Dundee, as well as discussing what the future holds for engaging the world through sound for health & wellbeing and immersive experiences.

What to expect

This informal evening event is open to anyone interested in sound. There will be the chance to play and experience the Sound of Light project, hear short talks from four local sound artists/designers on their individual practices, hear a panel conversation to discuss different aspects of sound, and enjoy a live performance to close out the evening.

What is Sound of Light?

Sound of Light is a VR sound performance project, born out of pandemic isolation and developed as an InGAME Cluster of the Future R&D project. It brings people together through sound and play in an environment powered by game technology. It applies innovative game design techniques to explore the aesthetics of anonymous play and pose philosophical questions about our conception of play, identity and togetherness.

Our speakers:

Rachel Simpson is a multi-instrumental composer and audio designer living in Dundee. Rachel has created music and sound for (mostly) video games, television, animations and tons of other unique, creative audio projects. Her work has a standout ‘live’ performative style, drawing from Jazz, Classical and Pop music. She’s played all over the UK, and her recording credits include albums by Roddy Woomble, Modern Studies, and Dundee’s Andrew Wasylyk. You can hear Rachel’s work on her website and find her on Twitter.

Sorcha Pringle is a professional community musician, composer and activist, with a particular interest and expertise in the area of inclusive music practice. She is passionate about accessibility and a great believer in the value of nurturing every individual’s artistic potential. Sorcha frequently collaborates with artists from other art-forms. Her compositional work highlights areas of social justice including climate change and disability rights. You can find her work on her website, on Instagram, on Twitter and on Facebook.  

SHHE (Su Shaw) is a Scottish-Portuguese sound artist, musician and producer based in Dundee. Her artistic practice is influenced by environment, exploring themes of identity and connection at the intersection between sound and space. A solo project musically—but also a platform for collaboration, working with filmmakers, dancers, visual artists and designers across all mediums—SHHE’s composition and sound installations have been presented and developed at V&A Dundee, Cryptic Nights at CCA, Summerhall (Scotland), HANGAR (Portugal), Inversia Festival (Russia), BFI and Sensoria’s FAMLAB (international) and the Westfjords Residency (Iceland). She is currently Digital Musician in Residence at B’sarya in Alexandria, Egypt. You can hear her work on her website and find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Tom deMajo is a UK-based artist and designer known for making multi sensory installations, architectural interventions, sonic environments and engaging video games. Tom is a co-founder of Biome Collective, a creative studio and community that supports diverse creative collaborations across the arts, academia and business. You can find out more about his work on his website.

The evening ends with a live set/performance by Andy Truscott. Andy is a sound artist and composer based in North East Fife, who releases music as Kinbrae with his twin brother Mike. His practice is inspired by the Scottish landscape and features a wide range of field recordings that act as the foundation to most of the electronic/ambient music they compose.

This event is produced in partnership by: Creative Dundee, InGAME, UNESCO City of Design Dundee and V&A Dundee.

InGAME is an ambitious research and innovation programme based in the heart of Dundee’s vibrant videogames cluster. Led by Abertay University, in partnership with the University of Dundee, the University of St Andrews and a network of industry partners, our purpose is to drive sustainable innovation and growth within the cluster. We do this through a programme of R&D funding, research collaboration and cluster engagement. InGAME is part of the Creative Industries Cluster Programme, funded by the Arts & Humanities Research Council and part of the Industrial Strategy.

Event identity: Duncan Barton

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