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Amps Meet-Up: Summer Social 2023!

9th June, 6:30pm at DCA Centrespace

Join us at our next Amps Meet-Up for an evening of conversation, connecting, sharing and more.

Amps is a community of people who make and cultivate creativity in Dundee, working together to collectively build on the future of the city. We connect through events and projects designed to help establish links, showcase work and develop collaborations. Join Amps and help make Dundee even better!

Our evening Meet-Ups are relaxed opportunities to meet and share ideas with other artists, designers, makers and doers in the city. They’re a great space to connect with new people and catch-up with familiar faces. You can also take part in small group chats, contribute to discussions, listen to others and share news, opportunities and conversation with one another.

Not been to a Meet-Up before and curious to know what they’re like? Take a look at a reflection of our 2022 Summer Social.

Fri 9 June 2023, 6:30–8:00pm

Centrespace, DCA, 152 Nethergate, DD2 4DY

Tickets are free and booking is essential.
This event is for Amps only—become an Amp and come along!
Event hashtag: #AmpsDundee

Not an Amps supporter yet? As well as opportunities including regular events, your work being profiled on our digital platforms and our Ampersand+ peer-sharing project, part of your Amps subscription goes towards our Community Ideas Fund!

Got an idea for a project that could positively impact Dundee? Awarded each year at our annual Forum, Amps can team up to pitch new creative collaborations that benefit the wider city, with the network voting to decide which project will receive support. The more Amps there are, the bigger the fund. Last year’s was £2,500 – find out about the awarded project!

Help us grow the Fund and make Amps more accessible by supporting a Pay It Forward subscription! Your contribution will help someone experiencing cost as a barrier to getting involved.

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