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Open call: Mural Wall Space for Project Echo

Project Echo – from CULTIVATE Creative Practitioner Jaz Grady – seek wall space for community murals across Perth and Kinross.

Led by CULTIVATE Creative Practitioner Jaz Grady, Project Echo is on a mission to transform Perth and Kinross with vibrant, thought-provoking murals created in collaboration with local young adults.

Project Echo aims to empower young adults to express their ideas and contribute to positive environmental change. With the guidance of skilled visual artists, these young artists will create murals that reflect their visions and highlight a positive way forward for local and global communities.

The project are seeking a variety of interesting locations for their murals that encourage engagement and interaction, such as walls outside community halls or prominent walls along main roads. If you have access to a space that could be transformed by the project, please get in touch with Jaz to express your interest and join Project Echo in sparking creativity and fostering environmental awareness.

Project Echo strives to bridge the gap between young voices and decision-makers, ensuring that their perspectives are not only heard but valued. They hope to ignite a dialogue that leads to tangible change, as they pave the way towards a greener and more sustainable future. Watch the project trailer or find out more about upcoming events!

CULTIVATE is a Culture Collective leadership programme led by Creative Dundee. The programme works with local creative practitioners to place creativity at the heart of climate justice, developing action with communities across the Tay region. Discover more about CULTIVATE and meet our second cohort of Creative Practitioners.

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