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Dear Earth: Creating Hope in a Climate Crisis

Photographs by Lu Kemp

Join us for a CULTIVATE showcase event from Creative Practitioners Vinishree Verma, Shona Inatimi and Amadu Khan, celebrating the work created and questions raised by women of diverse ethnic backgrounds from across Dundee.

Using design, art and storytelling, CULTIVATE Creative Practitioners Vinishree, Shona and Amadu have been facilitating creative spaces and activities to engage people across the city with climate justice issues – exploring themes from climate change awareness and greenwashing, to how we talk about climate change in different languages and through a cultural lens.

They are now inviting you to celebrate the coming together of individual voices, amplified through arts and creativity, and to add your voice to the vital conversations on how we make a more equitable, caring and sustainable tomorrow for our communities, place and planet.

Dear Earth: Creating Hope in a Climate Crisis

Sat 28 & Sun 29 Oct

152 Nethergate
Dundee, DD2 4DY

What to expect:

The exhibition is open to everyone, with an active space for visitors to immerse in the themes on display, interact with the artworks and add their voices. Visitors will be invited to listen to stories, take part in conversations and hands-on activities, or simply take a moment to wander in the space and gaze at the artworks.

This is a family friendly space – we will have something for all ages, with thoughtfully planned hands-on activities to bring out the artist, maker, and visionary in all of us!

Saturday 28 Oct

Panel Discussion & Performance
Join us to share food and hear from the community artists behind the exhibition. A chance to connect with others, and have a conversation on local action and climate justice. Accompanied by light bites representing ethnic food culture while enjoying the tastes from Libya.

Sunday 29 Oct

In Conversation with CULTIVATE Creative Practitioners
Join us to hear from Vinishree Verma, Shona Inatimi and Amadu Khan, and ask them questions about their work, approaches and collaboration with people from across Dundee.

No booking required, just drop in!

CULTIVATE Creative Practitioners:

Vinishree Verma is an artist and designer who explores climate justice through a creative lens, with women and families from various cultural backgrounds – providing a space to create, play and discuss, while framing responses to climate change through circular design mindsets, cultures and communities.

“Using creativity for climate justice conversations, an incredible collective of inter-generational women from Dundee have been engaged in nurturing a culture of sharing life’s stories, hacks and anecdotes from across the world. These women from diverse ethnic background are opening their doors to the climate culture mindset they have cultivated during this project. They are the heroes and the real climate champions! Join us in exploring the climate crisis through their eyes and immerse yourself in an experience of hope and creativity.”

Shona Inatimi is a portrait artist who nurtures safer spaces for Black women, and acts on climate justice by providing a platform for minority groups to share their story and build community, and unlocking imagination and capture the positive essence that is otherwise suppressed, minimised or robbed by institutional/ systemic oppression.

“Through the making of art, conversation and portraiture, I collaboratively create comfortable and intimate spaces for mixed women who grew up in Scotland, to be their authentic selves (where we don’t have to perform, compared to how we interact with white spaces) where we initiate conversation and talk about things that are otherwise difficult to discuss – a space for us to feel we have agency and find ways of supporting each other, with care (of yourself and others) and how it reflects back to our communities and environment.”

Amadu Khan is a refugee-background international storyteller, art-researcher and climate justice activist who share stories, myths and anecdotes, to create spaces for conversation, discoveries and belly laughs – and to collect the many stories across cultures and communities, and explore shared narratives and understandings of environmental and climate justice.

This event is led and produced by project participants as part of CULTIVATE with support from Creative Practitioners Vinishree Verma, Shona Inatimi, Amadu Khan, and the Creative Dundee team.

CULTIVATE is a Culture Collective leadership programme led by Creative Dundee. The programme works with local creative practitioners to place creativity at the heart of climate justice, developing action with communities across the Tay region.

Discover more about CULTIVATE and join us to celebrate CULTIVATE Creative Practitioner Jaz Grady’s Project Echo and the work of young artists from across Perth and KinrossIt’s the End: Project Echo Final Exhibition, on Sat 21 Oct, from 6pm in Perth.

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