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Care in Creative Practice – a film by Andy Truscott

In this short film, sound artist Andy Truscott shares how his creative practice has been an essential part of his mental health journey.

Shared to coincide with World Mental Health Day, sound artist and Creative Dundee Team Producer Andy Truscott details how his creative practice has played a vital role in his mental health and wellbeing journey, in a new short film.

Andy’s practice of field recording sees him purposefully sitting with the environments he finds himself in, seeking hidden and everyday sounds to inspire new work. By making time for small daily acts of noticing through capturing visuals and sounds, he describes his practice as an outlet for reflection and a way to process often heavy social expectations – underlining the necessity of creativity as a grounding force that can enable us to slow down, be present, and express our unique stories.

If we embrace creativity, however big or small, in our day-to-day lives then it can open up so many new possibilities. I think it helps us challenge societal pressures that are put on us, and opens new ways of thinking and being.

Andy Truscott

Care in Creative Practice – a film by Andy Truscott

Produced, film, edited and scored by Andy Truscott for Creative Dundee.

Andy Truscott is a sound artist, composer and field recordist based in Newport-on-Tay in Fife, and Team Producer at Creative Dundee. Andy releases music under the moniker Kinbrae with his twin brother, Mike. His work is inspired by the Scottish landscape and features a range of field recordings that are manipulated and treated, adding organic elements to the electronic music he composes. Andy composed music to accompany the exhibition We Live In The Future for the Dundee Design Festival, composing a library album for EMI/SonyATV, as well as joining the publishing/synch licensing agencies Manners McDade and Woodwork Music.

The film was first shared with our Amps community at one of our online Breakfast gatherings. It can be seen at our upcoming event, Care in Creative Practice, on Fri 13 October, as part of the University of Dundee’s Festival of the Future. A free digital EP, Located sounds from North East Fife, will be shared with those at the event.

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