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Solidarity with Palestine

As an organisation, we want to use our platform in solidarity with Palestine. We add our voices to the many calling for an immediate ceasefire, demanding that all parties comply with international humanitarian and human rights law. This includes calling for an end to Israel’s siege and policy of “total closure”; to ensuring safe entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza; and an increase of UK aid to the people of Palestine.

Individuals collectively have impact. Small actions build to something bigger. We do not need to be experts to speak out against a humanitarian catastrophe and call for ceasefire. Here are some small, simple actions to take in support of people in Gaza and Palestine.

Attend a demonstration: in Dundee, demonstrations have taken place weekly in City Square. A march will meet at Dundee Central Mosque at 1.30pm on Sat 18 November. Future demonstrations may take place, and will likely be at City Square.

Write to your MP: using templates provided by Medical Aid for Palestine, you can urge the UK government to call for immediate ceasefire and to protect Palestinians against atrocities in Gaza and also call for urgent action to protect Palestinian healthcare and civilians in the West Bank. You can also find out who your MP is and contact them directly.

Sign petitions: you can add your name to growing lists of people calling for ceasefire via the UK Government, Amnesty International and Oxfam.

Local resources: GENERATORprojects have shared an extensive list of resources and reading material. Arts Workers for Palestine Dundee are a group of art workers based in Dundee using their platform to share information about resources, fundraising and events.

Donate: for those able to, you can donate to Medical Aid for Palestine’s Emergency Appeal, Doctors without Borders Conflict Appeal, Islamic Relief’s Gaza Appeal and UNICEF’s Children in Gaza Appeal.

Hate speech is unjustifiable. If safe to, call out instances of Islamophobia or antisemitism when you witness it.

Dundee has been proudly twinned with the city of Nablus in Palestine since 1980, promoting friendship and understanding between the people of Nablus and Dundee. Find out more via the Dundee–Nablus Twinning Association.

Alongside GENERATORprojects and Arts Workers for Palestine Dundee, we’re grateful to groups and organisations including Art Workers For Palestine Scotland, We Are Here Scotland and the Scottish BPOC Writers Network for leading by example. We’re also grateful to individuals and groups worldwide, many of whom are women and communities of colour, who so often are the ones laying the groundwork that enables us to better learn, expand our understanding and act with care – on this issue and many others.

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