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Barry Robertson:
DC Thomson Sign

Signpainter Barry shares his love for the iconic signage on DC Thomson’s Kingsway building.

Fíona Canavan:
DCA Print Studio

Architect Fíona shares how DCA Print Studio gives her the space to be creative beyond her work environment.

Alastair Walker:
Tay Bridges

Graphic Designer Alastair shares the feeling of home that one of Dundee’s most iconic landmarks inspires.

Cara Rooney:
Green Spaces

Illustrator Cara shares the inspiration she finds in Dundee’s green spaces from Baxter Park to the Law.

Ellen Forbes:
Dundee’s Lanes

Multidisciplinary artist Ellen takes us on a sunny wander through Dundee’s winding lanes and their hidden nature.

Rio Moore:
Apollo Statue

Illustrator, painter and sculptor Rio highlights a lesser-known piece of Dundee’s art history.

Louise Kirby:
Maggie’s Centre

Designer Louise shares why she loves Frank Gehry’s design for the Maggie’s Centre.

Pamela Scott:
Dundee Pubs

Illustrator and printmaker Pamela takes us on a Dundee pub crawl through her own prints of these local institutions.

Katja Kusakova:
Lemmings Statue

Games producer Katja shares her love for Dundee’s Lemmings statues and her memories of the original game.

Hollis Crowe:
Spaces for Nature

Visual artist Hollis shares his love of Dundee’s natural spaces and unique microclimate.

Lucy Dewar:
Victoria Gallery

Illustrator and writer Lucy takes us on a tour of the McManus’s Victoria Gallery on a rainy day.

Jill Skulina:
Creative Connections

Artist Jill shares her view of the city from across the Tay and a few of the creative inspirations she finds there.

Luis Alçada:
Dundee’s Parks

Comedian and promoter Luis takes us on a tour of Dundee’s beautiful parks with the help of his adorable dogs.

Julie Cumming:
Dundee History Books

Photographer and designer Julie shares her collection of history books by Ron Thompson and Douglas Phillips.

Sarah Burt:
The Howff

Multidisciplinary artist and printmaker Sarah shares their love for the peace and quiet of the Howff.

Gavin Cameron:
Hidden Train Lines

Writer and poet Gavin shares the secrets of Dundee’s forgotten train lines.

Joanna Craig:
Dundonian Dialect

Fine artist and designer Joanna shares an ode to the Dundee dialect and illustrations by Bob Dewar.

Andrea McSwan:
The Law

Creative Director and Production Designer Andrea brings us along on her morning walk up the Law.

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