Amps FAQs


Who are Creative Dundee and why are they running Amps?

We are a small social enterprise which amplifies and connects creativity in the city, and originally started as a blog. You can read more about us here. We currently receive about 50% of our income from grant funding; and the rest is generated through trading – contracts, partnerships and event sales. We want to do even more for the city, but to do this we need your support, we believe Amps will give benefits for everyone – you, the creative sector and the city.

Where can I find out more about the Community Ideas Fund?

We’re really excited by this element of the project enabling Amps to collaborate. We will make sure it’s a clear and easy open call application form. All Amps will have the opportunity to vote on who should get the cash award, which will be at the third Annual Forum in October 2019.

Do I have to live in Dundee to benefit from Amps?

Definitely not. We believe the benefits of being an Amp will be felt wherever you are based. We know that people around the world have a great affection and connection to the city, therefore our regular handwritten updates on postcards and remote link ups will help strengthen the ties no matter where you live.

Do I have to be ‘creative’ to benefit from Amps?

We know that everyone is creative and the strength of any network is its diversity, therefore we welcome anyone that wants to join forces with us to create a stronger and better city.

I can’t afford to become an Amp just now – can I still get involved?

We’ve tried to make the options as affordable as possible, however if the cost is a barrier to becoming an Amp, you may still be able to join us thanks to Pay it Forwarders and City Supporters. Please send an email letting us know why you’d find it valuable to be part of Amps and briefly tell us about the ways you’d be able to contribute to the network.

Is Creative Dundee changing – can I still share my news and come to events?

We’re not changing, we’re just adding to what we already do. Please do continue to send us your news and keep coming to our events, and we’ll keep sharing and connecting everything up. Amps is an extra way of enabling us to collectively do more to support the city’s creative scene.

If you have any other questions about Amps, please get in touch.