Amps Supporters

Creative Dundee thanks everyone who supports Amps – using our collective forces to grow, nurture and celebrate creativity in Dundee for everyone! 

Along with supporting the city’s creativity, our supporters help us create a Community Ideas Fund and an annual Amps Forum in October. To find out more about what Amps is all about, please visit here.

Thanks to ALL of our Amps supporters, including those who are happy to be listed here:

Alan Richardson

Ali McGill

Alice Carnegie

Amber Keating

Blair Boyle

Biome Collective

Charlie Kleboe-Rogers

Chris Trewartha

Cian Roche

Claire Dow

Claire Dufour

Colin Gray

Connor Finlayson

Dan Brown

David Cook

David McGovern

David P Scott

Pamela Scott

Dundee Contemporary Arts

Ed Muirhead

Eleanor MacKeddie

Erin Farley

Gemma Connell

Gordon Sharp

Graham Black

Heather Cassidy

Ian Abbott

Jasmine Holt

Jason Gabriel

Jane Finlayson

Jill Dye

John McCann

Kevin Briggs

Kevin Sinclair

Laura Darling

Linda Duncan

Louise Kirby

Lyall Bruce

Lynn Parker

Manuela de los Rios Oakes

Maya Abeysuriya

Mhairi Maxwell

Mike Sullivan


Neil Cooney

NEoN Digital Arts

Open Change

Pete Cunningham

Rebecca Foy

Rebbeca Williamson

Red Pepper Events

Richard Meiklejohn

Rick Curran

Rodney Mountain

Ross Cameron

Ryan McLeod

Sara Campbell

Scott Horner

Scott Hudson

Scott McCallum

Sekai Machache

Sweet Venues

Theresa Lynn

Urban Quarters

Valentine Scarlett