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If you’re looking for things to do in Dundee, check out the first crowdsourced guide to the city. Creative Dundee IncorpoRated, is packed with cultural insights from people working, studying and living in the area. 

Like other great University cities with a strong industrial past, Manchester, Newcastle and Glasgow, Dundee has undergone a huge renaissance, reinventing itself as a cultural hub with a thriving creative and culture sector. Former jute mills, factories and listed buildings have been converted into buzzing studio spaces, galleries and venues. Artists, musicians and creative businesses collaborate on projects and events to create the city’s vibrant art and music scene.

What better way to get the low down on a city than to ask people who live, work and play in the area. So, Creative Dundee asked you to poll your favourite creative spaces, places and more. Inundated with top tips and valuable views, we are now pleased to present these collective combined insights to our city. 

Check out ALL the suggested places voted through our poll here as word clouds in the blog post – What rocks about Dundee? You!

You can view the three page guide here. We hope you find it useful!

Creative Dundee IncorpoRated

Creative Dundee IncorpoRated

Creative Dundee IncorpoRated


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