Creative Dundee

Mach Mania: An Artist’s Portfolio


What is creativity, why is it so important, what effect does it have on society, industry and the economy? Join David Mach as he discusses his career over the years, focusing on art and the act of creativity. Part of the University of Dundee’s Saturday Evening Lecture Series, Mach Mania: An Artist’s Portfolio isn’t to be missed!

David Mach is an artist and sculptor who made his mark with such well-known works as his ‘Big Heids’, off Scotland’s M8 motorway, and his acclaimed coathanger sculptures. He recently completed his biggest exhibition to date, Precious Light at the City Art Centre in Edinburgh, in which he displayed over 40 major works based on the King James Bible. He continues to exhibit worldwide.

A wine reception will follow this lecture.

FREE tickets for this event are available online here: Mach Mania, Tower Building Reception or 01382 385564/385108.




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